I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life in many parts of the world.

Intuitive Problem Solving

The word clairvoyant means to see clearly.

That is what my work means to me: to see clearly the truth of any situation.
My goal for my client is verifiable information, clarity and empowerment, finding solutions for the problems they have come to me with.

Many years ago when my work was just beginning, I came to the realization that my clients were in need of something more than predictions, spirits and past life possibilities.
They had everyday problems, dilemmas, crisis or confusion about their lives.
They needed a good sense of direction, tools that helped them solve their problems, and a path to follow that would navigate through crisis and confusion.

They wanted clarity about people in their lives. They needed to walk away from a session with me feeling clear and empowered.

Jean Moshofsky San Francisco Psychic
I was working on a degree in psychology when my life took a left turn and I became interested in psychic work. I was fascinated by the idea that I could delve into the inner workings of others in a different way. I studied with a number of teachers and immersed myself in doing readings, eventually teaching clairvoyant work and meditation to others for many years.
My background in the study of psychology kept my work grounded in a more practical and analytical approach. I have been doing readings for over thirty years, and have worked with thousands of people from all walks of life in many parts of the world.
Consequently I became focused on intuitive problem-solving. My approach is pragmatic. Clients come to me with problems that need solutions. While I make predictions occasionally, I don’t believe they are ultimately very useful. Any time we are standing still waiting for something good or bad to happen to ourselves, we are no longer making our own decisions, thus losing the opportunity to create our own future.
Ultimately we each have the ability to make decisions and act on them; these decisions are what create our destiny far more than a bolt from the blue. Even a bolt from the blue requires a decision on what to do next.
Clients come to me with the puzzles that are in their lives, puzzles that are keeping them from moving forward. These puzzles may involve relationships, careers, death, birth, loss, gain, moving or standing still.
My job is to find the missing pieces of the puzzle, the pieces my client has been looking for and hasn’t found. This may mean reading absent people, relationships, loved ones who have died, internal dilemmas, career decisions, heartbreak, making hard choices, family dynamics and more.
I try to give as much verifiable information as my client can walk away with, information that helps them to shape their future, improve their relationships, and enables them to make the right decisions for themselves.

Client Testimonials

"I can not recommend her highly enough as an intuitive counselor"

Jean Moshofsky is a gifted intuitive reader. She was recommended to me 15 years ago by a friend and colleague, a nursing professor, who had consulted her about an important career decision. "Jean is amazing," she said. "She gives good, intuitive information that helps to confirm what you already know." I would go a step further to say that Jean both validates what you already sense is true, and illuminates things that never dawned on you. She has a stunning ability to "read" people and situations, and provides sound insight to help you make practical life decisions. Jean is empathetic and down-to-earth, and leaves you feeling heard and deftly guided. I can not recommend her highly enough as an intuitive counselor.

Years of Experience

"Every client and every situation is unique"

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