Learning to be Psychic

So can one learn to be psychic? Is there such a thing as learning what is usually thought of as some kind of magic skill?  Yes there is.

I became interested in learning how to do clairvoyant work when I met a few psychologists, all of whom were studying how to be psychic and using what they learned in their practices. This was fascinating to me, being in the midst of studying psychology myself and interested in gathering all the information I could about the inner working of other people and how to help them.

Somewhat to my surprise I found individual teachers and schools that taught a person how to increase their intuitive ability. Eventually I learned not only the ability but also how to teach others, something I did for thirty years or so.

I see psychic ability as no more magic than the ability to learn an instrument or any other physical or intellectual skill. For some people certain skills come easily. For others it’s more difficult and takes a lot more practice and discipline to get good at them.

I never thought of myself as a brilliant clairvoyant, despite being told that I had an uncanny ability. What I thought of myself as good at was practicing. Early on in my training, I would read anyone, anywhere, any time, for any reason. I had to figure out how to read live people, dead people, absent people, difficult people, absent pets, angry ex-boyfriends, straying spouses, estranged parents, fears of all kinds, deep depression, major decisions, dilemmas of all types and solve problems–lots of them.

I found that predictions, for me at least, needed to be looked at through the lens of decision: destiny can and does occur in our lives, but by and large it is our decision that creates our destiny. So I set about looking at the decisions my clients had or were about to make, the decisions of others that they were asking me about, and reading what those decisions were creating as I looked towards the future.

There are always situations that are impossible to change, often tragically so. For those, it is often comfort and deeper understanding that is needed. More than once my clients have said to me that they came away feeling clearer, better about themselves, and hopeful–despite not hearing the news they thought they wanted before the session.

Learning to read another person is as simple and as difficult as putting yourself entirely to one side, entering their world and in so doing, finding the path out of their dilemma. As my psychic abilities lay in the area of sensing feelings, it meant sometimes feeling overwhelmed by the feelings I was picking up. One of the first things I had to learn was how to set boundaries and separate myself from my client, something I taught all of my students.

To learn psychic ability means learning to be grounded, to stay in one’s heart and maintain compassion, to read without judgement, put yourself to one side, and practice practice practice. It’s not work for the faint of heart. But it can be incredibly rewarding. 


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