Psychic Gifts

“How long have you had your Psychic gift?”

I’ve been asked this question for the last thirty-five years or so. My answer is always the same: I don’t think of this as a gift so much as a physical skill that took years to hone.

I don’t regard my psychic ability as a gift any more than I regard my piano playing as a gift. Certainly, some people seem to be born with more of an innate skill than others. Mozart comes to mind. But there are few abilities that cannot be learned or improved, even if one seems to be gifted with a particular talent. And few that aren’t physical abilities; psychic skill falls into that category.

Every talent can be made successful by practicing again and again, by learning from your mistakes, by learning from someone who knows what they’re doing and as importantly, knows how to teach what they’re doing. Psychic ability is no exception.

I have taught hundreds of people psychic skills over the years. Some of my best students did not seem to possess any great talent at first, but had interest and practiced steadily. They would often go on to become excellent readers.

Learning clairvoyant work requires a different kind of practice, to be sure, but training and practice nevertheless. When I was studying clairvoyant work, I practiced readings on anyone, anytime, anywhere for any reason. I did absent readings, in-person readings, dead-person readings, phone readings, group readings, and animal readings. I looked for lost objects, lost animals and lost people. I learned how to present difficult information and how to read difficult people, and I learned when to keep my mouth shut and let questions come before offering answers no one asked for. I learned that most people who came to me had a problem they wanted to solve. I learned to analyze the problem, look for the hidden issues, find the solutions, and help them become empowered with clarity.

Regardless of the gift you have, practice still makes perfect.

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