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Jean Moshofsky is a very good teacher in the field of psychic developement. I was a student of hers for 5 years.
As a psychic she is competent, accurate and compassionate with many years of experience in reading people across the world. I consider her the best in her field and the person to go to when you need insight and support through lifes challenges. Highly recommended!
M Grace
Jean's readings are insightful, penetrating, and have been enormously helpful to me. And on top of that, she has a great sense of humor!
Charlie Varon
San Francisco
Jean Moshofsky is a gifted intuitive reader. She was recommended to me 15 years ago by a friend and colleague, a nursing professor, who had consulted her about an important career decision. "Jean is amazing," she said. "She gives good, intuitive information that helps to confirm what you already know." I would go a step further to say that Jean both validates what you already sense is true, and illuminates things that never dawned on you. She has a stunning ability to "read" people and situations, and provides sound insight to help you make practical life decisions.
Jean is empathetic and down-to-earth, and leaves you feeling heard and deftly guided. I can not recommend her highly enough as an intuitive counselor.
San Francisco
For twenty years, Jean Moshofsky has refused to predict lottery numbers for me. She's not that kind of psychic. That's because she's the real deal.
I have seen her first hand give wise counsel to young people in San Francisco who sought her advice in straightening out matters of the heart, the home and the classroom. I have heard her calm, reassuring words as she zeroes in and untangles the biggest messes.
She calls herself a "common sense psychic" and I have witnessed all that up close.
How she figures things out remains to me a mystery but she has a rare gift of intuition, compassion, insight and soothing straight talk.
It would be nice if her insight would allow her to predict for me tomorrow's lottery numbers but the other kind of psychic insight she has -- the real kind -- does a lot more good.
Steve Rubenstein
San Francisco
Jean is an extraordinary and truly gifted intuitive. She is present and generous, professional and kind.
There is no concern or problem I have given her that is too small or too big for her to untangle. She gives immediate insights with reliable clarity. Her advice is trustworthy, direct and clear; never vague or airy.
It never fails to amaze me that someone of her caliber has provided such accurate and perceptive advice without fail. Jean is a gem and remains so after twenty-five years of working with her.
Ruth C.
Amherst, MA
22 years ago, Jean Moshofsky predicted that my nephew, who was an infant at the time, would invent something to save the environment. He grew up, and he was a music major in college with an eye on going to law school. Nowhere in his development was there an expressed intrinsic interest in environmental studies.
Today he is working for an environmental clean up company in Denver that deals with toxic and even nuclear waste clean up.
Whatever Jean does, it's pretty magic.
Susan Langsley
Seattle, WA
Jean is an amazing and gifted psychic! I have consulted with her for over 20 years and some of my most successful career and relationship decisions were a result of her invaluable advice and guidance.
When I am at a crossroads about anything important in my life the first call or email is to Jean!
I've been coming to see Jean for over a decade now and I've always been impressed with her insights and her ability to articulately and compassionately convey the information she receives.
She's really good at what she does, and I’ve never been disappointed.
Adrian Card
San Francisco
Jean is one of the "real" psychics. No woo-woo, no fakery, no manipulation-- just straightforward clairvoyant readings done to provide insight and perspective on specific situations, in plain language.
I have been using her services off and on for about thirty years. I call a plumber when I need a leak in my sink fixed; I use a translator when I need to communicate with someone who only speaks Cantoneses, and I call Jean when I need to understand something hidden.
I most appreciate her groundedness, honesty, and accuracy. Seven years ago, she was able to tell us that a relative had died, when everyone thought there was still a chance, and the information was still being held by the governments involved. Several days later, we were finally officially told. A few years after that, she was able to tell me that someone was still alive who I thought had passed. What a reunion when I finally tracked him down 6 months later!
Sheila Stone
Afton, VA
I cannot say enough good things about Jean Moshofsky as a gifted psychic.
I have had readings by Jean for the last 29 years, and I’ve had probably a reading every year. Jean doesn't predict the future for me; what she does is more valuable in my estimation, which is to read the energy of people involved in situations of Life.
Here are a few examples:
When I met my husband 27 years ago, Jean described him as "a big, friendly dog. This guy loves everybody and has a good heart. However, he has a few qualities that might drive you crazy. He focuses on something, but then thing #2 distracts him and goes over there and then thing #3 distracts him from that....and so on and so on. After while, this could really bug you." Well sure enough, that is EXACTLY how my husband is. He IS the big hearted friendly guy and has been diagnosed as having ADHD!
Another time, we were moving to the Santa Cruz mountains and I was very concerned about my daughter's school experience and asked Jean to "read" the junior high school where my daughter would be attending. Jean, very accurately again, described the school as not too cliquish, the kids were pretty open and friendly, and she felt the school had a nice community feel to it. That really helped me to make the decision to enroll her in that school rather than a private school and because she is always so accurate, I was able to relax in that decision, which worked out well.
I could give so many examples: Jean reading spiritual groups I was interested in, reading people in my job situations that I simply could not fathom without her insight, her giving me an "Aha! moment that clarified everything!
Beyond Jean's accuracy and profound abilities, she is so humorous and light hearted in her approach. Yet she is sensitive when the issue is sensitive. She helped me when my parents died, just telling me what she saw and what message my dad had for me. One of the things she said my dad wanted for me came about a week after the reading! It was nothing short of amazing.
I have been read by other psychics in the past 29 years, when I just couldn't make it to see Jean. They were okay but they just don't compare. I trust Jean, who has done readings for my grown daughters as well. Their experiences were very positive and beneficial.
Jean is a true, gifted, caring and loving PROFESSIONAL psychic. Five stars! *****
Trudy Kretschmer
Santa Cruz County, CA
I first met Jean in 1985 when I was in marital distress and a friend suggested I consult with her. Never before had I experienced anyone like Jean. She listened carefully to my situation, then meditated briefly, considered the various elements involved and shared her insights with me. What she revealed enabled me to make significant changes that allowed me to move forward with the courage and strength I needed to create a new life for myself and my young daughter.
Since then, I have sought her counsel many times, and have always left with greater understanding and positive action steps in place. In fact, that young daughter – who is now 33 – has also consulted with Jean, as has my son, my mother, my partner, and several friends. Every single person has come away from a session with Jean enlightened and supported in their own life decisions.
Jean is not a fortune teller. She is an insightful, grounded, Wise Woman who will work in tandem with you to help you unravel whatever tangle your life has created. I recommend her wholeheartedly as your guide.
Melissa H.
Richmond, CA.

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